August 8, 2022

Finance & Leasing

The need for business to maintain a positive cash flow at all times is of real importance to us here at
Lion House (UK) Ltd.

Whatever type of business you have, large or small, your finances will undoubtedly be governed by the constraints of a budget, interest rates, salaries and other costs.

Purchasing a new copier outright can take a huge chunk from your cash reserves and will in fact give you a fairly low return when you decide to upgrade your copier.

To avoid the expense a large piece of office equipment can bring why not consider spreading the cost in the form of a lease spread over 1 to 5 years. A lease offers a fixed monthly or quarterly payment which can be offset against your tax liability.

Using a lease to purchase new equipment will allow you the flexibility of upgrading to the latest technology, if and when your requirements change, without the need to negotiate a trade-in value of your existing machine.

At Lion House (UK) Ltd we have access to the major Commercial Leasing Companies in the UK. We also offer
in-house finance options if required.

If you are considering purchasing new office equipment and would like further information on the leasing process please do not hesitate to contact us.