August 8, 2022


Lion House is able to supply you with the complete communications solutions for your Company.

While Lion House arranges the installation of your telephone lines, we use Openreach engineers for the actual installations. Openreach engineers will also maintain your lines so you will continue to benefit from exactly the same technical skill, service & experience provided by BT but with the benefit of being able to speak to us rather than listening to an ‘on hold message’.

We will arrange for the installation of

  • Single PSTN lines, used to carry your broadband service.
  • Multiple analogue lines, usually used when you started with one line then expanded as your business has grown.
  • ISDN2, used for 2-8 lines.
  • ISDN30, used for larger installations over 8 lines.
  • ADSL broadband.
  • Fibre broadband.
  • Converged Ethernet – a high bandwidth, scalable, reliable and uncontended access service.

If you already have lines installed but you are constantly finding that you are unable to make that call or
worse, that your customers are getting an engaged tone when they call you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Lion House will take over the lines from your current supplier(subject to you being out of commitment), add on those extra lines & you will find that our line
rental charges are generally lower than you were paying to BT.

Should your Company be relocating Lion House will manage the move of your existing line numbers to your new premises, even if you are moving away from your current exchange; now out of area moves do not mean you will need to change your number! This can be done by simply transferring that all important contact number to our inbound service, this will allow us to point all your inbound calls at a new line we have had installed in your new office or we can simply transfer it to a Hosted VoIP phone service.

Hosted VoIP phone allows you to have any number of different number prefix giving you a national presence without having to use non-geographic ’08-prefix’ numbers.

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