August 8, 2022

Wireless Networking

Wireless networks

Whether it’s a one off office installation, a multi access point wireless network for a large building/school or a mesh network for even larger areas, Lion House (UK) Ltd have the experience and support to help you.


At Home

Using popular brands like Netgear, Zyxel, Draytek and many others we can give you wireless coverage around the home so that you can access the internet, shared files, photos, music etc, from wherever you are. Even if you don’t have a cabled network we can either use Homeplug devices, that use your existing electricity circuit, or bridge the wireless signal using appropriate equipment.


In the office

Using the robust business product lines of Netgear, Draytek and U4EA, we can put in multi access point solutions that are centrally controlled meaning you are free to roam about, inside or out, staying constantly connected to the same network. No drop outs, no waiting for your portable device to refresh or reconnect to the next access point. When looking at this prospect we always conduct a site survey to ascertain the best solution bearing in mind budget, coverage and usage. Ideal for multi floor offices, schools, warehouses, sport centres, any large building or space.


Mesh Networks

Essentially a smart wireless network that only needs one of the nodes to be set up and connected to the controller/internet, the rest you just plug in to a power source and they set themselves up. They will direct traffic through the fastest, least congested route and if a node fails, find the best alternative pathway. All this is controlled by a cloud based management utility that can be accessed from any internet connection reducing the need for site attendance. Examples of installation sites are Marinas, Holiday home sites, sports venues, town centres, schools, university campus, airports and any large structure/open space.

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